Our Product Range

Product Range

We are a manufacturers and exporters of Lab Scientific Equipments and has been for various other products of your need since 1958. We are exporting and importing Science Lab Instruments, our product line include Conduction Equipments, Anaesthesia Instruments, Medical Equipments, Blood Bank Instruments, etc. We can help you to make right choice for your requirements.

Oil And Petroleum Testing Instruments

Chemistry Labware

Physics Lab Equipments

Chemistry Lab Instruments

Physics Mechanisms

Physics Electrical Cell

Physics Devices

Biology Equipments

Biological Models

Lab Plasticware

Laboratory Instruments

Weighing Scales

Measuring Instruments

Non Destructive Technology Instuments

Engineering Electronic Instruments

Mathematical Equipments

Hydrological Instruments

Meteorological Instruments

Astro Telescopes

Soil Testing Equipments

Pharmacy Instruments

Scientific Microscopes

Soda Glassware Instruments

Borosilicate Glassware Instruments

Immersion Oil

Electronic Testing and Measuring Equipments

Audio Visual Equipments

ENT Equipments

Gynaecology Equipments

Dental Equipments

Optical Accessories

Nano Technology Products

Ophthalmic Equipments

Electrical Engineering Equipments

Electrical Testing Equipments

Mechanical Testing Equipments

Magnetism And Electrostatic Instruments

Entomologicals Equipments

Plant Pathalogy Equipments

General Purpose Equipments

Bitumen - Asphalt Testing Equipments

Material Testing Equipments

Cement And Concrete Testing Equipments

Surveying Instruments

Sintered Glassware Equipments

Soil And Structural Laboratory Materials

Silicone Tubing

Biohazard Bags

Medical Surgical Disposable Products

Paper Instruments

Packing Machinery

Workshop Machines And Tools

Acoustic Testing Equipments

Electricity Physics Experiments

Electromagnetism And Induction

Electric Motor And Generator Teaching Systems

Models And Charts

Electrostatics Field Equipments

Egg Incubators

Strength Of Materials

Biotechnology Lab Instruments

Theory Of Machines

Structural Demonstration Models

Forces Apparatus

Biology Apparatus

Mechanical Vibrations


Value Apparatus

Scientific Accessories

Fluid Machines Laboratory Instruments

Laboratory Strength Of Materials

Heat Transfer Laboratory Equipments

Theory Of Machines Laboratory

Thermodynamics Laboratory Instruments

Mechanisms Laboratory Instruments

Materials Science Laboratory Equipments

Hydraulics And Pneumatic Laboratory Equipments

Radio Frequency And Microwave Products

Trainer Kits

ISI Cube Mould

Loading Rheostat

Lab Taining Modules

GM Counter

Tattoo Power Supply

Electronics Lab Training Modules

Spectrophoto Meters

Technical Educational Equipments

Consumer Electronics Trainers

Test Measuring Instruments

Educational Trainers

Laboratory Equipment For Mining And Geosciences

IC Testers And Programmers

Variac And Dimmerstats

Soldering DeSoldering Stations

Moving Coil Panel Meters

Educational Desk Stand Meter

Electrical Transformers

Analog And Digital Circuit Lab Instruments

Communication Lab Equipments

Basic Electronic Lab Instruments

Consumer Electronics Lab Equipments

Computer Application Lab Equipments

Control System Lab Equipments

Digital Communication Lab Equipments

Digital Electronics Lab Instruments

Digital Lab Instruments

Fiber Optics Lab Instruments

Instrumentation Lab Instruments

Lab Equipments

Microprocessor / Microcontroller Lab Instruments

PCB Designing Lab Instruments

Power Electronics Lab Equipments

Chopper Circuits

Conveyor Belt Systems

Mortuary Chamber

Dispensing Booth

Physics Laboratory Equipment

Lab Resistance Instrument

Physics Lab Instruments

Lab Balance Scale

Lab Spectrometer

Lab Bridges

Soil Compression Tester

Shear Testing Equipment

Soil Compactor

Soil Test Instruments

Electronics Lab Instruments

Soil Tester

Soil Moisture Meter

Laboratory Plasticware

Pharmacy Lab Instruments

Engineering Surveying Instruments

Soil Testing Kit

Water Testing Kit

Bacteriological Test Vials


Laboratory Chemicals

Movable Cabinets Drawers

Waiting Chairs & Benches

Doctor Chair & Stools

Medical Cabinets Cupboards

Hospital Bowl Stands

Hospital Blood Donor Chairs

Hospital Bedside Revolving Stools

Hospital Stretchers

Hospital Obstetric Tables

Hospital Examination Table

Hospital Bedside Tables

Hospital Bedside Screens

Hospital Foot Stools

Hospital Beds Mattress

Hospital Baby Crib

Clean Room Equipments

Digital Jar Test Apparatus

Digital Kymograph

Table Top Autoclave

Waste Management Equipments

Histopathology Equipments

Dairy Equipments

Veterinary Instruments

Schiotz Tonometer

Patient Monitor

Color Vision Testing

Binocular Loupes

Heating Pads

Needle Destroyers

Hospital Rubbers Goods

Hospital Wears

Surgical Instruments


Diagnostic Equipments

Infusion Pump Various Models

Oxygen Therapy System

Surgery Equipment

Medical Monitoring System

Air and Instrument

Infant Care


Suction Apparatus

Rehabilitation Aids

Physiotherapy Equipment

OPD Equipment

Medical Educational Aids

Hospital Holloware

E.N.T. Equipment

Blood Bank Equipment

Operation Theatre Fumigator

Cold Light Source

Ultrasonic Cleaner

Infact Incubator

Suction Unit

Operation Theatre Tables

Operation Theatre Lights

Folding Wheel Chair

Hospital Equipments

Hospital Couch

Hospital Lockers

Hospital Trolleys

Hospital Tables

Hospital Beds

Home care Bed

Laboratory Rubber Ware

Laboratory Metal Ware

Rocks & Minerals

Diagnostic & Surgical Lenses

Diagnostic Strips

Keratoplasty & Cornea

Vitreo - Retina

Cataract & IOL

Fluid Management Devices

Ophthalmic Cannulas

Teaching & Training Devices

Low Vision Aids

Vaccum Chambers

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